VS450 is a non-contact 45/0° geometry benchtop spectrophotometer designed for color and gloss measurements on many types of wet and dry samples including paints, powders, and plastics. It includes an integrated gloss sensor providing 60 degree correlated gloss values and has a versatile form factor which simplifies measurements on two and three-dimensional objects.


  • Control day-to-day color production with a defined, standard procedure that saves time, cost, and effort.
  • Establish a “wet tolerance” in order to produce a good result in a final dry-to-dry comparison.
  • Compensate for the difference in appearance between wet and dry standards, when combined with Color iMatch software.
  • Use this non-contact instrument to measure large or bulky items or materials such as food that may require a protective barrier when using a contact instrument that can affect measurement accuracy.
  • Benefit from minimal maintenance requirements since the optical system never comes in contact with samples and thus remains uncontaminated.

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