Rocking & Waving Shakers

OHAUS Rocking and Waving Shakers are designed for use in a range of lab applications in a variety of environmental conditions. Rocking Shakers provide a seesaw-like motion while Waving Shakers offer a smooth, low-foaming, 3D wave motion for precise speed control. Available in microprocessor-controlled digital models and more economical analog models. All models include a non-slip mat, and most models are available with a stacking tray option.

  • Microprocessor control allows for electronic tilt angle adjustment in 1° increments for tilt and 1 rpm for speed (digital models) or independent control knobs for tilt, speed and time (analog models).
  • Digital models are equipped with LED displays and touchpad controls for speed, tilt angle and time. Timer displays elapsed time or when programmed to a set time, will turn off when the time reaches zero.
  • Speed ramping feature slowly increases speed to the desired setpoint to avoid splashing. Audible/visual signals activate when the system detects an obstruction or tray overload.

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