HI904 Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator

HI903 and HI904

HI904 Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator

For scientists and professionals who need precise water content determination from 1 ppm to 5%, the HI904 is a reliable Coulometric Karl Fischer titrator that gives results in minutes. The HI904 features a precision titrant generation system and a fully sealed titration vessel for unmatched accuracy.

Dynamic Titrant Dosing
The dynamic titration speed allows for timely and accurate titration results by relating the amount of iodine generated to the mV response from the Karl Fischer reaction. This provides for a larger generation of iodine near the beginning of a titration and more precise pulses near the titration endpoint.

Drift Rate Compensation
The HI904 Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator automatically adjusts the titration calculation to account for the effects of any ambient humidity entering the titration cell. This provides a more accurate result by correcting for water not present in the actual sample.

Selectable Endpoint Criteria
The HI904 employs a dual platinum pin electrode for bivoltammetric endpoint determination. Users may choose termination criteria based on mV stability times or drift rates.

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