ARL™ 4460 Optical Emission Spectrometer

The ARL 4460 Optical Emission Spectrometer can determine up to 60 elements simultaneously in about 50 seconds, with excellent detection limits, reproducibility, and accuracy.

The ARL 4460 meets all metals analysis requirements, be it for routine analysis or for metals research. It allows compliance with a growing number of regulations, along with increasingly tighter specifications and higher customer expectations for more elements to analyze, wider concentration ranges, faster and more accurate analyses. Whether in stable laboratory conditions or in a hostile environment, it offers outstanding analytical performance. The ARL 4460 helps you achieve your quality objectives or get your accreditation.


  • Versatility: Analyze any metal in many shapes and forms
  • Speed: Duplicate analysis in less than 50 seconds
  • Range: From trace (sub-ppm) to alloy concentration levels
  • Accuracy: With certified type standards – accuracy nominally better than 1% relative
  • Simplicity: Easy sample preparation
  • Savings: Low capital investment and operating costs

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