Test & Measurement

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    Tinius Olsen


    Tinius Olsen is the leading specialist manufacturer and supplier of static tension and/or compression materials testing machines. Their machines are designed for use in Research and Quality Control to measure material’s strength and performance.

    Tinius Olsen equipment are used to perform tests on raw materials such as metals, polymers, textiles, rubbers, adhesives, food as well as finished components. A whole series of tests are available including tension, shear, compression, flex / bend, puncture / burst, tear, peel, melt flow, Charpy and Izod impact, friction, stiffness, heat distortion temperature, Vicat penetration, and torsion.

    All such tests are designed and implemented by Tinius Olsen in accordance with key international testing standards including ISO, ASTM, EN, GOST, GB and other industrial standards.

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    Elcometer is the world leader in design, manufacture and supply of inspection equipment to the coatings, concrete and metal detection industry. Elcometer’s philosophy ever since it manufactured the first gauge in 1947 has been to provide industry leading, innovative, high quality products; supported by a best-in-class customer experience at a competitive price.

    Elcometer has grown into a global network with representation in over 170 countries. With manufacturing facilities in the UK & USA, Elcometer Limited continue to invest in new production systems to ensure that their products and services remain at the forefront of the industry.

    Elcometer’s range of products are specifically developed to meet the needs of the coatings industry, Elcometer is well positioned to provide you with the solution to your inspection requirements – whatever and wherever they might be.

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    X-Rite was founded in 1958 and is a part of the Danaher Group. With headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan X-Rite is present in locations around the world. X-Rite are the global leaders in color trends, science and technology. They offer a comprehensive range of products for a wide spectrum of industries including food & beverage, paint, textil, cosmetics & personal care, home furnishings etc.

    X-rite’s end-to-end solutions are designed for all things from color – specification, communication, formulation to measurement, management, tracking and reporting for raw materials, paper-based products, ink, photography, video, metal, glass, textiles, plastics, and wood. Their solutions ensure that consistent, accurate, and reliable color is formulated and produced throughout the production cycle and across the supply chain.